Sales and Marketing Consultation Services



Highwire Marketing Consultants will provide your organization with over 24 years experience in Strategic Revenue Planning, FIT, Leisure, Wholesale, and Group Sales in the Hospitality Industry - United States, Caribbean and Internationally. With this experience, our team can assist your organization in understanding its short and long term sales revenue needs and build an effective Demand Period Revenue Plan. Our Scope of Services includes:

  • Competitive Analysis and Positioning- What is the team doing right and what needs to be improved? We'll find out through analysis, customer interviews, and evaluation of the competition.
  • Organization and analysis of the Demand Period Segment-  This work includes identifying true need periods, either seasonally, weekly or annually and selecting targeted travel partners to fill these voids.  With your review and input we negotiate net rates and allotments with domestic and international partners and establish specials and promotions, when necessary, to drive need time business. 
  • Creation of a uniform and consistent contract for the hotel/travel provider- Highwire Marketing Consultants will create a "sell and report" or allotment based wholesale agreement, submit credit applications and procedures and define terms and conditions for your partners to protect your assets and establish a selling relationship within the FIT market. 
  • Position your organization in tour and travel brochures and on the internet- The goal here is to present the product to interested consumers by featuring the property in all travel mediums offered by the tour operator partner.  Whether it's by printed material, online listings or limited promotions, our job is to keep your hotel top of mind to the consumer so when they look to book your product is present and desirable. 
  • Training your resort's leisure team in contract negotiations- If you already have staff in place or would like to hire a permanent person, we can play a vital role in training and bridging the gap for key relationships needed for success in the market. 
  • Analysis of advertising and media plans- Are you presented effectively on the internet with your travel partners, in print and in other non-cost basis promotions?
  • Demand Period Assessment- Are your customers producing the right number of bookings at the right time of year at the desired rate? Are you getting your sales message out to the right people? Are you attending trade shows and brochure launches and campaigns in your key feeder markets? Have your key feeder markets changed in the past three years? We will find out and then coax those customers into booking when and where you need/want them.
  • Analysis of media outreach- What technology products are you using to deliver your message? Are they clean, modern, easy to read, and current? Do they convincingly sell your product?
  • Build a Relationship Marketing Ladder. The rungs are client-supporter-advocate-partner. How many true partners does your company have?

Marketing Plans


Highwire Marketing has several options for custom Hotel Marketing Plans.  Ask us to help you write yours 

Tradeshow Representation


Acting as an extension of your sales team, we can represent your property at major buyer and consumer trade shows.  We also do the follow up.  You can avoid the travel and hassle, let us promote your property

As part of your strategic team, we will help you answer questions you may have about increasing revenue to your hotel/resort. Our goal is to help you establish a solid foundation upon which to fill need periods.  We will help train your staff to promote your product, generate business, conduct contracting with confidence, and provide service to foster fruitful and lasting relationships.

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